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ACTA, SOPA, PIPA Globally Criminalizing Joe Public For Using The Internet

ACTA,SOPA,PIPA Globally Criminalizing Joe Public for Using the Internet

So all you little guys tapping away and sharing stuff on FB, myspace et al, may find out to your consternation that something you have innocently done has made you into a criminal, all decided behind closed doors. All these laws make us into criminals, then *they* will come in at will, and pick us all off. In fact thinking about it, within the context of the Global Governance that the elites want to bring in, the Internet, is the very vehicle, that will enable GLOBAL LAWS to be brought.

So you could be sitting in your home or at your work place one minute, then and if *they* decide you have broken their law, you will be picked up and whisked off to some unknown destination probably by the USA without any regard for your rights or the national law, this would sweep it all away.

This is not how I envisaged my life from 2012 onwards, you ?

PIPA SOPA and ACTA combined, if passed and enforced, would mean the end of the Internet as we now know it, and solely for the benefit of Big Corporations. These three potentially “globally-imposed” laws, would criminalise “joe public” for activities taken for granted until now.Right now people are just not aware of the far-reaching restrictions, and mainstream media is not writing about it, now why would that be ? Complicitness with One World Governance is why. Again, decisions and laws are being made, on a global basis, without the consultation of the people on any level, superceding all national law anywhere.

So here, we have a stark demonstration of the One World Governance the elites are trying to kick home and absolutely, what must be resisted by we, the people.

ACTA stands for Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, and whilst the title sounds reasonable,
it is far far more far reaching then the title innocently implies. Several countries have signed up without any consultation with their peoples whatsoever, Canada,Australia,S.Korea,New Zealand, Mexico,Jordan,Singapore,UAE,UK and more.

In Poland the treaty was also signed this january, but after a huge backlash from demonstrators, the Treaty has been put on hold and has not yet passed through parliament.

This treaty requires ISP’s to police users and divulge private customer details for whatever is deemed criminal activity. The potential for innocent use to be deemed **criminal** is enormous, and this Treaty has somehow been granted the power to be a supra-national global authority. If you did not believe in One World Governance before, it’s here unless the peoples of the planet stop this, there is no more time to sit on the fence.

In may 2011, the FFII said the European Commission published the final ACTA wording with few changes, all done in secret, without any public groups consulted, and completely unreported by the controlled media. The EU apparently has signed the Treaty but comments that it remains in doubt. To me this is always just a show of concilliatory language before the final decision in june 2012. Therefore, you can consider it to become global law, whatever that is, by that time unless the people in each country make some noise. Do it or lose it.

This is how far reaching ACTA will be;

a. Violationof  EU law.

b. Threatens our independent access to medicines and local foods.

c. Criminalizes “everyday computer use.” Liability extends to private individuals, newspapers, web sites, office workers forwarding files or documents, and whistleblowers revealing information in the public interest.

(additional comment,30th.Jan 2012, thinking about the implications within this section, personally, if I were an office worker, who may have to forward attachments,files,folders etc., by email, I would actually not be comfortable at all doing this activity, if this does become a GLOBAL LAW, I would make myself wide open to some kind of persecution and prosecution. So I do not see how this is going to be viable for companies who would like their employees to actually do their job without this hanging over them. I do not think, once again, that the implications of *their* wording and intention has been properly thought through as to how it will affect the workplace for example, in practice. *They* are so hell-bent on taking all kinds of freedoms away that they will spoke business from being carried out on the net, and I say good. because at the end of the day, money is what they are interested in)

d. ACTA pressurises ISPs to actively censor online communications, which amounts to illegal enforcement

“The ARTICLE 19 organization” said ACTA’s “fundamentally flawed from a freedom of expression and information perspective. If enacted, it will greatly endanger the free-flow of information and the free exchange of ideas, particularly on the internet.”

e.  makes food patents more extreme, enforces global standards on seed patents, empowers agribusiness, and threatens small farms and food independence….(nightmare)

f.Global pricing and cultural life issues aren’t addressed.

  g.Violates Article 21 of the Treaty on European Union (TEU), stating:

“The Union’s action on the international scene shall be guided by the principles (of) democracy, the rule of law, the universality and indivisibility of human rights and fundamental freedoms….”

Negotiations were conducted secretly. Civil society, public interest groups, and legislatures were entirely shut out. Major decisions were made outside of conventional law.. They violate established laws and fundamental freedoms,*they* are creating their own global laws without consultation,that is called dictatorship.

On December 27, 2011, the Electronic Frontier Foundation said:
ACTA threatens personal and digital freedoms. It turns ISP’s into enforcers and will criminalise the ordinary individual.

This is the next level of attack and you can clearly see how food and medicine independence is going to be controlled,along with depravation of yet more freedoms. If the internet at the end of the day is to be another vehicle for globo business, I will end up boycotting it. As it is, I pointedly refuse to be driven onto the net for every bit of business. This is the aim of the Techocratic New World Order and how they want to control every inch of our lives through technology, include therein “smartmeters” a 24/7 wifi data transmitter and energy controller, where they will be able to switch you off whenever they like. Once a majority of business is driven on the net, and we can clearly see that, then all laws will be brought in on a global level and this is another instrument of destroying nations and national law.

Make noise or gain the next level of global enforcement, take this very very seriously,there is no time left to sit on the fence,
this is a global conversation for freedom and it is NOW in 2012 not some other distant date in the future.

Thanks for reading and may your god go with you.

update a european mep has just resigned over this,